Integrated Mail Industries

Custom Programming

Integrated Mail Industries offers many custom programming solutions to help you create a successful highly targeted marketing campaign. Our programmers are highly skilled and knowledgeable and possess the state-of-the-art tools to fully customize virtually any aspect of your mailing. Have a lot of customers that buy your product as a gift? We'll create personal mailings to them listing the gifts they purchased and their recipients, creating a huge potential for renewals or future gifts. We can also create custom pieces tailored to the activities and spending habits of your customers, ensuring that the piece they receive matches their interests. Our processes are fully automated, making repeat projects a snap. And our staff writes the programs right into the print files, ensuring a seamless transition to the print shop. Our programming process will integrate seamlessly with our lettershop, creating a start-to-finish operational chain for your entire project.

Finally, our programmers can create dynamic reports of your campaigns, allowing you to see what's working and who are the best people to target the next time around.

Contact us today to find out how our programming experts can create the targeted direct mail campaign you've been looking for.